Hungarian Studies

The study of the Hungarian language, literature and history falls within the Central European Studies programme at the Charles University from 2007 (both on BA and MA level) as one of its specialisations. At the present time, the department is the only academic site in the Czech Republic which offers Hungarian Studies.

The Department also offers elective Hungarian courses for students of other programmes at Charles University.

Prof Simona Kolmanová deals primarily with Hungarian literature of the late 19th – early 20th centuries and translatology in her teaching and research. Dr Evžen Gál focuses chiefly on Hungarian literature in the 20th century. Mr Jiří Januška is responsible for the teaching and research in the field of Hungarian linguistics in the department. Ms Andrea Balázs is a language instructor; she engages in Czech-Hungarian translation, culture and art. The instruction on Hungarian history is provided by Dr Andrej Tóth, an external collaborator of the Department.

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