Department of Central European Studies (DCES) carries out instruction and research on the languages and cultures of Central Europe in their historical development. It focuses primarily on the Visegrad region of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Czechia with natural overlaps such as Lusatia in Germany, Galicia in Ukraine, and Belarus. Concerning the specific languages of the region, DCES offers the possibility to study Hungarian, Polish, Romani, and Slovak.

At our department, it is possible to study Central European Studies and Romani Studies in Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programmes. In collaboration with other departments, we also offer PhD programmes in Slavic Philology, Slavic Literature, Languages of Asia and Africa and History and Culture of Asian and African Countries.

Our research falls within several research areas, especially linguistics, literary studies, history and cultural anthropology. This diversity mirrors the multidiscipilinary nature of our fields of study and the variety of the research interests of the department staff members.

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