Central European Studies (MA)

About the Programme

The Master’s study programme Central European Studies is structured as a two-year programme in the vein of language-based area studies. Compared to Central European Studies at other Czech universities, our programme focuses on the cultural aspect of East-Central Europe. It is conceived as a combined study of languages, intercultural communication (including professional and literary translation), literature, and the region’s social and national development.

The programme comprises basic as well as a large portion of elective courses, so that students can tailor their specializations according to their own inclinations and interests. On admission, new students choose one national area as their main specialisation – the options being Hungarian Studies, Polish Studies, Romani Studies, and Slovak Studies. They also choose a practical course in one more language of the area (Croatian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, or Ukrainian). Students who speak Czech as a second language can opt for Czech for foreigners. Students also choose from a range of theoretical and methodological courses – general, contact and corpus linguistics, literary theory and history, discourse analysis, and statistics – according to their own preferences and expected future professional specialisation.

Graduate Profile

Graduates will have practical and theoretical knowledge of the studied languages (at the C1–C2 level of the CEFR in their primary language and at the B1 level in their other language). They will be able to analyze broadly and comparatively the social and cultural development in the Central European region. They will be equipped for work in the public and private sectors in Central Europe’s multilingual environment, for example in the field of media monitoring, tourism, regional development, research, product localisation, consulting, etc.

How to study CES

The Master’s programme is single-subject only, i.e., it cannot be studied in combination with another programme. However, it is in itself multidisciplinary, and students can attend elective courses at other departments of their own choice.


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