Polish Studies

Polish studies courses are taught by Dr Renata Rusin Dybalska (Assistant Professor; contemporary Polish, history of the Polish language, language and grammar exercises, media language, the world in media); Professor Petr Poslední, who lectured in Polish literature, was succeeded by Dr Michala Benešová (literary theory and Polish-Czech and Czech-Polish translation); Professor Petr Kaleta (first stages of the historical development of Europe from the Middle Ages to the end of the 20th century); Dr Wojciech Hofmański (linguistic seminars and lectures); and Lecturer Dr Maria Magdalena Nowakowska (conversation practice, Polish language courses).

The study of Polish language and literature at the doctoral level is possible within two PhD study programmes: Slavic Philology (Advisory Board Chair: Professor Hana Gladkova) and Slavic Literature (Advisory Board Chair: Professor Helena Ulbrechtová).

The Prague school of Polish studies cooperates with many universities in Poland (University of Warsaw, Jagellonian University, Wroclaw University, Maria Curie-Skłodowska-University in Lublin and others), which enables the department to host guest lecturers, such as Prof I. Kamińska-Szmaj, Prof D. Rytel-Kuc, Prof S. Bereś, Prof J. Bartmiński, Prof E. Czaplejewicz, and others.

Several students and doctoral candidates working under Dr Renata Rusin Dybalska have participated in the Intercorp Project, being part of the Czech National Corpus and Corpuses of Other Languages research plan executed at the Czech National Corpus (ČNK) department of the Faculty of Arts. The aim of the project has been to build parallel synchronous corpora for most languages taught at the Faculty of Arts.

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